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Properly maintaining your pool or spa will ensure a longer life, which ultimately will save you money. This means weekly maintenance in the summer and proper openings and closings.

Do you want to spend what precious little leisure time you have working on your pool? We didn't think so. That's why establishing a year-round relationship with Shinnecock Pools lets you spend more quality time in your pool, not working on your pool.

Some of our customers thought that they needed to drain their pools periodically in order to get fresh, clean water. But we assured them that wasn't necessary. By establishing a yearly Service Agreement With Shinnecock Pools, we simply:

• Turnover your pool water through backwashing the filter
• Lower the water level at the pool closing
• Pump out excess water from rain or snow

This provides a constant turnover of water that prevents the build-up of total dissolved solids in your pool. Also, evaporation during the summer, and especially in the spring and fall, causes about one inch of water turnover weekly.

If you own a gunite pool with a marble dusted finish, you may be familiar with acid washing-- due to excessive algae growth or mineral stains. At Shinnecock Pools, we maintain gunite pools in a way that eliminates the environmentally harmful and costly acid wash process. Our way is better for you, better for your pool, and better for the quality of our environment out here on the East End.

If you're a vinyl pool owner and are concerned about algae and mineral stains, you do not need to completely drain your pool; if you do, you run the risk of damaging the liner. If the pool has become green and full of algae, you may have to wait two weeks or more for it to clear up. During this time, your pump will need to be working constantly. All in all, an expensive proposition. So the value of maintaining your pool correctly year-round is obvious.

By using Shinnecock Pools to summerize, maintain, and winterize your pool, followed up with our winter maintenance program, you can be assured that your pool will be taken care of by professionals who appreciate the value of your pool, care about the environment, and understand the value a pool or spa brings to the quality of your leisure time.

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National Plasterers Council
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